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On this Episode of Super Hammer Bros, Raz Holly and GrizGeek record their phone call talking about what there are currently up to and artwork there are planning on working on and art shows their were in or planning on being in. GrizGeek talks a lot about internet videos like “DR. TRAN!” and “MK vs. Street Fighter mash up battles” which then leads in to a short discussion about Street Fighter V. Then the boys get in to the topic at hand, Action Figures.

Raz Holly leads the discussion about Action Figures asking GrizGeek about his time in the “Toy Biz”. GrizGeek goes a little inside baseball about the behind the scenes of of the business behind playtime. GrizGeek use to work for Lanard Toys (working on a G.I. Joe like action figure toy line called The Corps!) and Jakks Pacific (working on a motor-cross action toy line called MXS); among other brands. They also talk and recall some of their favorite figures over the years and some that they really want to get. Also like an LA Hipster idiot, GrizGeek can’t go 30 minutes without suckin’up some of the vape-vape (gotta chase that cloud!) . . . so excuse the weird breathing during the conversation.

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