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EPISODE 79 – Jam-Zilla & GrizGeek chat with Sentient Cow Games

On this episode of Super Hammer Bros. Podcast, GrizGeek chat with Jam-Zilla via skype and Jam surprise Griz with some new special guests, the crew of Sentient Cow Games (Donna, Weller, and Craig). The Hammer Bros. chat with the Sentient Cow Crew about their board game “Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce!”. A co-op sci-fi escape maze game with tones of characters and backstory that will make anyone into a crazy conspiracy theorist. Always blame the outer space aliens! SCG crew talk candidly about their development, struggles, and plans for relaunching the game on Kickstarter! And for those that follow our podcast, you know we love us Kickstarter creators! But that’s not all! We touch on our thoughts on Justice League (before the movie came out while we were recording). Also, it’s not a podcast with Jam-Zilla without some talk about comics, one of which is a title that Griz got super interested in called Son of Shaolin. Being everything back to the table, tabletop gaming that is, the group shares some of the board games they enjoyed playing. It was a great time, old friends and new meeting geeking out while the mics were on.


Check out Sentient Cow Games and what they are up to:

Website: http://www.sentientcowgames.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sentientcowgames
Twitter: @sentient_cow
Instagram: @sentientcowgame

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Round 16, FIGHT! It’s a Street Fighter episode! Raz and Griz chat about their favorites and least favorites from Capcom’s amazing series, Street Fighter. In this episode they also talk about some new card games that they want to try out and about Kingdom Con, the tabletop convention that hit San Diego.


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