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Super Hammer Bros. Podcast Presents: Rated M with Dan Classic

Welcome to another episode of SUPER HAMMER BROS. PODCAST! . . .  oh wait no its not. . .  New Hammer Bro. Dan Classic goes off the rails and started his own podcast called RATED M with Dan Classic.

So Basically, RATED M is a different take on the standard SHBs protocols of Smashing Topics with Nerd Rage Tactics. Think of it as SHB’s one friend that you don’t introduce to your work buddies because RATED M  is a blunt, no filters, loud mouth that is funny but you always have to apologies for them.

On this 1st episode, Dan Classic invites beautiful Joel, a pretty man that will confuse you?! Seriously. . .  “check him out” as fukuraesthetic on Instagram. Joel nerds out hard on gaming, anime, movies and Grindr.

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