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On this Episode of Super Hammer Bros. Procast, Raz  Holly and GrizGeek  have another BRO-down chat about Video Games, Entertainment, Collectables, Pop and Current Culture topics.

What to expected on this episode:
-The Bros’ Current Game Plays
-GrizGeek giving the low-down on OverWatch to Raz Holly
-Raz Holly missing his calling as a Video Game System Refurbished Technician
-The Xbox Gen-1 and some of the games as well as the price drop of the Next Gen to $299
-Getting Tattoos?!?
-Future plans for more content (creating some Videos like GrizGeek’s Unboxing https://youtu.be/_9S6GJUUo8g) and Raz wanting to share a “Game Room” tour, which is in the works.
-Raz Holly describes his 1st demo of VR using Mattle’s VR View Master headset using the iPhone.
-Raz and Griz talking about the struggles staying positive in a culture of over reacting and negativity (things kinda got real for a bit)
…and much more! GG Bro, GG!


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