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Oh what, WHAT! back to back Arcade Editions with Griz-Geek and his LA friends. . . Well this one was recorded the weekend before E3 started, and was in the pile line for a bit.

Griz-Geek meet up with Jam-Bot (AKA Jamibug on Deviant Art) as well as reforging some old friendship bonds with Pikazo Guevara (www.ggkoncepts.com). We get a brief run down on Pikazo’s origin story, chat about some current game plays, the love of fighting games and more. Jam-bot googles things that surprise and well is inappropriate for Splatoon’s  Inklings; Griz is not amused (but he still giggles anyways) and moves on to some Smash Bros. talk with Ryu joining the line up. Griz and Pikazo chat about their ninja/sniper stories from their past while lead to making a zombie assault plan with Jam-Bot. All in all another fun bro-tastic time. 

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Level up, and game on. Tingle-lee-doo.