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On this episode of Super Hammer Bros. Podcast, GrizGeek was requested to record by Dan (aka Max Hazard) and Jam-Bot who is now JAM-zilla, to clear up a few things and to also call out my fellow co-host Raz Holly who called out DAN! for the “NES Classic Scalpers” comment. It’s a hot mess but that’s what happens when you record after watching WWE Elimination Chamber. The mic lights up and everyone wants to cut a wrestling promos. . . WWWWOOOOOOO!

This episode is fast pace, randomly jumping from topics ranging from 1-2 Switch mini game collection (there is a milking mini game. . .  just saying) to wrestling. The fellows even chat about political views, “Dan’s Rant” about over population and even the evil Spanish language aka “Portuguese”. Somewhere along the way Dan starts to press the other guys about what there are looking for in a lady companion, Jam-zilla ops out (being the smart one) and Griz falls into the “DAN!” trap like a dumb@$$. Overall it’s another random “hot mess” of a podcast that was pretty entertaining.

Side Note: Since Dan is back this is NSFW. . .  listen with headphone. Set the volume pretty low so people can’t really hear the crazy sh!t that Dan talks about. Just saying. You have been warned!

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