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EPISODE 57: The Sun rises, the moon eclipse and everyone loves t-shirts


On this episode GrizGeek and Raz Holly catch up on some holiday planning, Christmas movie watching, and gift giving family traditions. The Bros. touch on the results of The Games Awards 2016, woot Blizzard’s OverWatch!! 😛 Raz Holly  and GrizGeek discuss some pet-peeves they have about Video Games.

With the recent release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, you know that these guys were going to talk about it and share their experience playing the new installment to the series. Raz Holly being the veteran player and GrizGeek only starting to play the series from X/Y and on, they clearly approach and have different views to the game.

Somewhere along the way the topic jumps to geeky fashion as the Bros. chat about the different nerdy t-shirts they’ve each bought over the years.

Raz Holly t-shirt website recommendation -> ShirtPunch
GrizGeek t-shirt website recommendation -> TeeFury

(Sorry we are just random fanboys and are not sponsored or have any promo codes for discounts :P)

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