Forging Hammers!

SHB-groupAttack-01Welcome to the Super Hammer Bros. Podcast website! The Head “Quarters” of Raz Holly, Tiger Skunk & Griz-Geek! We Pop up with a bi-weeky Podcast (that means every 2 weeks right?) geeking out and nerd raging on games, movies, comics, and topics that makes the day a lot more interesting.

Our goal is to promote and support anyone that wants to do something, anything, that gets them to the next level. We as a group have always wanted to create a podcast and knowing that time, money, and even lack of web knowledge are major hurdle, that didn’t stop us from hitting record and share it with all of you! If there is something you want to do in life, nothing can stop you. Take the tutorial stage, level up and game on! It’s only game over if you don’t continue.