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On this episode of Super Hammer Bros. Podcast, GrizGeek has Dan Classic of the alternate Weekly Show “Rated M”  chat about the release of the Mini Super NES, current game plays (meaning playing Overwatch or games that will give skins for Overwatch for GrizGeek), current “Political” views and the events surrounding it, some late/early shout outs from Dan Classic, and another “La Croix” promo! Griz also talks about his current deep dive into RPG games, as he recently finished Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and the Beta of Battle Chasers: Nightwar which is out now! The 2 also briefly chat about Toys as Dan Classic, like Raz Holly, does a lot of content for the “Super Hammer Bros. in Color” Youtube channel reviewing action figures. Dan Classic ask GrizGeek why would he spend so much money on in-game content for Overwatch after already paying top dollar for the game to start. Lastly, Dan hypes up the “New Japan Pro-Wrestling”. All in all, it was an interesting chat between to nerds of the same coin just different sides.

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