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On this Episode of Super Hammer Bros, Raz Holly and GrizGeek have a little chat about Cheese Cake. . . and not the kind from the bakery!?! “Gigadee Gigadee Goo”. Fair warning this is one of those episodes that is¬†NSFW! Nothing bad just wear headphones. ūüėõ

The term Cheese Cake was brought up on Episode 39 with Raz Holly and Tiger Skunk where they talked¬†about what games have or consider being “Cheese Cake Games” . . . a¬†term that refers to Games with¬†scantily clad female characters¬†in compromising positions for¬†the purpose of Fan-Service, like one of Raz and Griz’s current favorite game on the 3DS,¬†Senran Kagura. ¬†Griz mentions his¬†chat with a¬†gamer-girl co-worker about the male counter part which we referred to as male cheese cake on the cast, but better known as Beef Cake. ¬†The Bros also talk about their interest with this theme and how it has influence their artwork over the years.

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