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This week on Super Hammer Bros. Podcast, GrizGeek and Jam-Zilla start off this episode chatting about keeping up with new apps and talking about art. Which leads to Griz asking Jam-Zilla about his past weekend attending the 24-hour Comic Challenge at The Comic Bug shop in Manhattan Beach, Ca. Jam-Zilla explains the Artist Editions comic books and which would be amazing to have. The Bros. continued to dork out on Comics and some of their favorite epic story arcs. Jam-Zilla shares his surprise when he found out about a new show based on X-men characters (well not the main ones anyway) called Gifted. Griz geeks out on one of his latest favorite anime My Hero Academia. There was also a brief chat about Outlaw Star and how it compared to the more popular anime series around that time, Trigun and Cowboy Bebop (not much of a spoiler but Cowboy Bebop came out on top). It wouldn’t be a complete podcast with Jam-Zilla if these two didn’t discuss movies; some of which they mention was Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, and Justice League. Also, Jam-Zilla was finally able to sit down and finish watching Batman V Superman, giving his honest option about it and the impact it had to any future movies from DC. All and all, it was a JAM packed episode that is anything but un-BEAR-able. . . because you know. . .  Griz. . . Grizzly. . . bear. . . HA-HA!! PUNS!!!! 😛 Ok sorry I’m done.

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