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In a Podcast not so far, far away . . . A small group of geeks, striking from a hidden apartment, have won their first victory against the evil Boredom Empire.

During the battle Super Hammer Bros. Raz Holly and Griz Geek managed to combat Boredom by recording their thoughts about STAR WARS. The Bros. talk about their first time seeing and finding out about all things Jedi vs. Sith related, trading various intel they’ve gathers about this fandom (some of the things we say relating to Star Wars might be BS, but we’re fanboys and not historians. So if we are wrong about something let us know, but nicely . . . there is enough hateroid on the net I don’t need to drink any more.)

In other related Star Wars stuff, Raz and Griz both were in a Star Wars group art show at La Bodega Art Gallery in San Diego. The event was both exciting and an honor. (below are links to their Instagrams if you like to check out their work.) Plus Griz pitches a alternative ending for the infamous “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith”. “NNNNOOOOOOOoooooo”. . . oh yes!

Super Hammer Bros. Fans, you’re our only hope. 😛

Raz Holly – www.instagram.com/razholly/
Griz Geek – www.instagram.com/grizgeek/


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The Double Dragons, Raz Holly and Asher, talk about their origin story. Their first video game memories, and they try to figure out where some of those games went. The brothers reminisce about action figures including The Visionaries, The Super Naturals, ExoSquad, The Real GhostBusters, playsets, vehicles and geek shops. Along with a “Geek Confession” sprinkled in, a new segment, “Douchebag of The Week,” is introduced.


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