Episode 1

Hello World! It’s Hammer Time! (Hahaha, sorry I con’t help myself)

Welcome To the Super Hammer Bros Podcast website! (This is an ARCHIVE file from 2014)

So who are we? Why should you care? And more importantly, why do I want tacos all of a sudden?  Well as for Tacos. . . they are Delicious! There are no other reason needed for wanting them all the time. Unless. . . pizza! Sorry, I’m hungry.

We are Tiger Skunk, Raz Holly and Griz. 3 Amigos and the Triforce that make up The Super Hammer Bros. This podcast is about Gaming, Comics, Movies, Retro and other Geek Culture.

If you are a like minded geeky nerd gamer person, or as I’d like to say, friggin’ awesome, you may like find our podcast interesting.


If you have any questions you would like to hear us discus during the podcast email us at: ask.shb@gmail.com

Smashing Topics with Nerd Rage Tactics!