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Here is a Clip from the next Episode that will be released later this week.

GrizGeek sits down and has a chat with Indie Comic Creator Mike Bloom about his experience Kickstarting his comic “Italiano”, the story of four very colorful crime families who are locked in a war for control of Capitol City. Mike Bloom shares his hardships and story of hustling to get noticed, hitting the Cons, and gaining notoriety among his Indie comic artist heroes.

Check out his stuff and if you like it support his Kickstarter project!

GrizGeek being the nerdy fan boy that he is, couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Mike Bloom and Rock Lee’s undying work ethics and to “Go beyond, Plus Ultra!”. . . ok that last quote isn’t a Naruto reference, it’s by All-Might from “My Hero Academia, but same rules applies. 😛

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Clip from Eps.67 – Griz & Raz talks about Cultural Expectations & Benefits, but with jokes.

Here is a Clip the latest Episode, which got surprisingly deep mix with a lot of jokes. A great way to handle tough issues. The overall message is “treat everyone with respect, and don’t be an @$$hole.” But like many of our podcast, they are long. This was a funny  moment that Raz and Griz had in their talk, and so we wanted to share it with you.

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PREVIEW OF episode 61-Calling out the hammer bros

Hahaha, so this was just a fun lil preview to an energetic podcast that will be uploaded later this week (this Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017)

New buddy DAN! returns to SHB podcast to provide the unique “in your face” commentary that he has provided on eps. 59. This time he  comes back to call out my fellow host Raz Holly. . .  just listen to it! All  done in good fun. 😛 This is evidence of what happens when you record a podcast after watching wrestling.

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