On this episode of Super Hammer Bros. Podcast, GrizGeek candidly shares some personal issues going on with his health. Nothing crazy just that Griz has been having Gout Attacks causing pain on his foot and making it difficult to walk around. Don’t worry he is fine now, just need to adjust lifestyle chooses, like no more 2nd breakfast with steak and eggs. 😛 Griz then ask Raz Holly if he had any injuries over the years that just laid him out, unable to really do anything. Once that was all settled, back to business. . . geeking out on anything that was going on. In this case it was Comic-con! The Duo briefly chat about some of their fondest memories when they use to go. And no chat with Raz (as he is the “Collector” of toys) would be complete without nerding out on some action figures. Griz talks a little bit about his own modest PVC mini status collection. Raz and Griz also talk about Geek-wear tee shirts and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. The Bros were not fans of baby groot. . . it was a bit much.

It wasn’t mention but Griz did watch Spiderman: Homecoming; that was the movie he was able to cut-in-line because of his “dis-ability” caused by Gout. IT SO GOOD!!!

(Side note this podcast was recorded using Skype so the audio quality is not as great as it could be. Sorry about that! Also this episode is an unedited/raw recording so you’ll hear Griz Vaping in the background while Raz talks, and other things like a lot more “dead air” silent moments as the conversation was over skype :P)

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