EPISODE 69-Kickstarting Indies with Mike Bloom: Creator of Italiano Comic

On this episode of Super Hammer Bros. Podcast, GrizGeek had a great time chatting with Indie Creator Mike Bloom about his his comic “Italiano”, which he has put on Kickstarter. The story is about four very colorful crime families who are locked in a war for control of Capitol City. Mike Bloom shares his story of about hardships he has gone through, hustling to get noticed, hitting the Cons, and gaining notoriety among his Indie comic artist heroes. Along the way, the two bond on the struggles of staying motivated to keep on creating, that and toys! Also video games, which Mike Bloom is pretty much not allowing himself to play until his books are done. . . No Overwatch PotG for M-BOOM! (haha hey Mike if that is not your gamer tag…you’re welcome :P)

Check out his stuff and if you like it support his Kickstarter project!

Kickstarter link to Italiano the Graphic Novel Series

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