EPISODE 67: Playing games, Podcasting and Profiling with Raz & Griz

On this episode of Super Hammer Bros. Podcast, Raz Holly and GrizGeek start off by talking about current game plays. GrizGeek makes an on the spot game review for NBA Playgrounds (aka NBA JAMS for the Switch). Raz tells Griz about a Street Fighter ESports ad he saw and both rant about how media seems to portrays gamers. The Bros. goes a little “inside baseball” and chat about the process and changing format of our podcasting adventure. Then the Duo, being old men now, waste a little bit of time yelling at Siri. Which naturally progress to reminiscing about back in the day when Raz and Griz met and share some of their experience growing up as minorities going to a school that was predominantly Caucasians (like 99% Caucasians while Raz and Griz being one of the few Mexicans and Fillipnos there). They get a bit deep into their experience with racial profiling and being part of a culture, while trying to find their place in it or a way out of it. Stick to the end as Griz reveals something that not even Raz knew about. Ooh cliffhanger!!

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