EPISODE 53: Poke-key-man go go ghostbusters, anime games awesome fun time.

In this episode of Super Hammer Bros. Podcast, the trio combine to forge and smash topics like “it ain’t no thang”. With the craze of Pokemon Go still raging, you know the Bros. are playing (well 2 out of 3) and chat about their personal experience with the game so far. Raz Holly and GrizGeek watched the new Ghostbusters movie and go in-depth with their thoughts about it. (Light spoiler warning.) They all agree that the movie did not deserve all the hate that it was getting. Tiger Skunk brings up a game he is excited about called “Berserk” based on the anime and manga series. Being the Nintendo fanboys that the Trio are, naturally they had to put their two cents in the NX topic. And much more geekery all packed in one podcast episode.


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