Warning:  (may NSFW without headphones) This episode gets a little raunchy. Griz-Geek apologies in advance . . . With that said. . . Griz-Geek makes a trip up to the City of Fallen Angels and meets up with his buddy Jam-Bot and one of his friends Johnny Paker II aka Jay-Writer, Writer of indie comic books “Black Fist and Brown Hand” and “Elvish” from Neat-O Comics. He is also producing a web show on  You Tube called Amnerdsia. Check them all out. . . support those that are out there creating they own thing and buy their stuff (Jay -Writer needs the money 😛 ) The cast is heavy on the geekery of comics, Tv shows, Movies and WWE!

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Level up, and game on. Tingle-lee-doo.

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